When you pass away, what will happen to your house? Who will take care of your kids or take over your business? Although you may not want to think about what will happen to your children or your belongings, you need to create an estate plan for you and your family. Otherwise, your family will have to go through a lengthy probate process after your death to address matters such as property inheritance and guardianship.

The Law Office of Frank Hosein, Jr. can help you plan your estate. With a will or trust, you can detail your wishes and prevent conflict. Call a qualified estate planning attorney in Brooklyn, New York today to get started.

Estate Planning Attorney in Brooklyn, NY

Estate Planning Attorney in Brooklyn, NY

3 reasons why your family will be thankful for your estate plan

With a will, you can distribute property to your heirs, designate guardianship and designate an executor (representative) to oversee the settlement of your estate. Attorney Hosein can help you create a will, trust or power of attorney document. Your estate plan will help your family:

  1. Avoid a long, drawn-out probate process
  2. Prevent arguments about who deserves certain items of property
  3. Stay focused on mourning and not on court proceedings

Your family will be thankful you took the time to create an estate plan. Call The Law Office of Frank Hosein, Jr. as soon as possible to start on your estate plan in Brooklyn, NY.