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What is the difference between a will and a trust? When a person passes away, a will goes in to effect. A will can detail distribution of property, business, and or finances. A trust goes in to effect as soon as the trust is created. A trust can distribute property before or after death. Both serve a purpose to create an estate plan. When determining which will benefit you, your family, and your assets more, consult with the Law Office of Frank Hosein, Jr. in Brooklyn, NY. Frank will draft up the document and make sure everything is addressed and valid the way that you want it.While it's hard to think about having to address a will or trust, it is important to make this top of mind before it's too late. Your family will not have to worry about making decisions on your behalf.

Having an estate plan puts everyone at ease and can prevent detrimental things to follow your death. The Law Office of Frank Hosein, Jr. is qualified and trusted with the heavy responsibility to make this a comfortable, well-informed process. Consult with us today in Brooklyn, NY.